Decrypt DVDs

Here is a useful softwares for novice users who want to keep backup of DVDs on HDD. DVD43 is a free DVD decrtyptor, yes you heard it right, it is free. Right now, it is available for Win2k & WinXP. You don’t need to learn anything, once it is downloaded and installed. It takes care of everything for you. All you have to do, is to notice if it can convert a DVD or not which appears from its color – Green for success. There is a list of compatible S/Ws on download website which include Nero Recode and Pinnacle DVD Copy.
Although it is unlawful act to copy a DVD and I am posting this post only for those users who want to keep their bought DVDs on local HDD so that they can enjoy movie on go without keeping DVD with them all the time when they have those sleek laptops as their companion for everything.

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