Google handed out account info

Google provided account info of a user to govt after it was requested after it used GMail for hate speech. So if you think that you are secure after you have used your mail Id illegally, it is kinda warning and of course for spammers, a sign for not using Gmail account, at least for spamming.

The email read like –

You are no match for our numbers and our power. We will come out of the night and rise from the dirt to murder you in your sleep. Meet us on 6/6/06 to seal your fate. The end is at hand, accept your place at the foot of the true masters throne. The kingdom of god is for naught, Hell will rule the earth soon enough. We will meet you at the center of sin, Washington on June 6th or you can hide and die like the insignificant mortals you are. Christ is Dead.

According to court records, there is currently no legal action against Google pending in this matter. A Google spokesperson said that the company complies with all lawful requests for information with proper process.

Complete news can be found here – Feds Retrieve Google Records after Gmail Used for Hate Speech.

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