A day without work

Today was the day when there was no RAM. Well..I cant say much about it but here are the highlights of one of the dynamic days of my life –

  • In morning, I tried to start my PC and all I got was to hear 5 error beeps which mean, your PC is missing RAM. Later I came to know that there are about 10-11 other ppl like me wandering for nothing.
  • I got to do nothing at all and for next 1 hour, it was all about finding the cause
  • Then AC wasn’t working as generator was out of order and electricity cut was there for long.
  • Ppl were asked that if they want to go, they can, till things are brought to order.
  • I returned to home and rested.
  • It was hardly 1 hour when I got call from Ramu asking me for another match – “Hum match khelenge“, were his words. So I was there with Raji, in the ground, following Ramu’s order and voice of my heart :;.
  • I was wondered to see that there were about 16-17 ppl including TLs from CE who were there to start the most happening CE match so far – A great progress from last match with merely 6 ppl. Good work, Ram. Match was great fun as it started drizzling and cool breeze was flowing. I took 2 wickets from my 1 over and was the man who stood till the end of innings – no need to mention that I was the lucky guy of the day.
  • After match, I returned to home.
  • Then I and Raji left for CE after about 1 hour, to get updates. AC was up but still RAM trauma wasn’t resolved – 1 day was all what asked. We are gonna move to 2nd floor – the new construction, next week.
  • I dropped Gaurav Bansal on my way back to home in eve after no work whole day, and then reached at home. It was official day off the work and for first time, I dint got to type even a single letter of code at work.
  • Anuj threw party pending for long time for couple of occasions. So we had our bright eve at Metro mall, enjoying the ambiance out there and the stuff to eat & play! I got to taste Pan wali matka kulfi for first time and it was yummyyyyy after the double cheese burger from my fav McD, with french fries.
  • On our way back home, at about 2300, it started raining heavily and it was for 10th time out of 12 rains of this Monsoon at GGN when I was badly drenched…6 times on my way to office, twice on my way back from office and twice while roaming on my bike. I love this season but had never thought that this season would also love me so much :shiftyeyes:!

So that was The Day of my life ;M). I am in love with my org, cricket, McD and GGN.

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