I am: thinking about: Business Objects lol…it is next platform I am going to work on 😉

I want: nothing…bcoz I already got evthing except…yep

I wish: I had enough money right now to sit back at home

I miss: Univ

I hear: Meet Na Mila Re Mann Ka (Dint get the partner)

I wonder: If I meet someone who makes me feel myself

I regret : For those who think I am not perfect 🙂

I am: The BEST 😀

I dance: like no one is watching me

I sing: whatever comes in my head at any place except in cubicle

I cry: whenever I get remembered of my grandfather

I am not always: a smiling beauty as my friends call me

I write: on anything which is scratching my head at that time

I confuse: myself with a successful person who has nothing left to do

I need: The STARS…and then obviously at the TOP

I should try: to be more open and get away from shyness

I finish: nothing

I tag: whoever ask me!

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