Two consecutive Missile failures

Another deliberately delayed news.

On Sun, Agni-III crashed into the Bay of Bengal after it was test launched. Take-off was successful but few glitches came during the 2nd stage failed to separate.
On Mon, Insat-4C was exploded in air just after it took off from Sriharikota bcoz it get out of its trajectory causing loss of about Rs 256 crore. It was containing India’s heaviest comm satellite weighing 2,168 kg. It cud had brought a new revolution in India’s TV history, if it had been a successful mission. Cud had made country earn millions but now marked a question in front of future space missions including Insat-4B. It was for first time that vehicle crashed at first stage – acc to ISRO. And the reason was told that one of 4 engines failed. So is it the one time happening or there need to me more precocious for future assignments?

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