Rauf Lala is the The Great Indian Laughter Challenge II Champion

Yesterday was the final of this unique show of its kind where comedians get a platform to show their talent to make ppl laugh.

And the champion was – Rauf Lala from Karachi, Pakistan. The decision was unanimous. Even I was expecting the same. He was the best among all presenters. Rajeev Nigam from Mumbai stood second. It was the most hilarious performance of Rauf and I enjoyed it a lot. When Lala says –

Tarzan is flying thru’ jungle by those long ropes and on the way he sees a dead tiger. He gets surprized and says, “Oh My God, My new underwear!”

, I bet, no one can resist from laughing at that.

And from next friday, all the previous and current champions will be together on one stage. I will be waiting to witness this scene.

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