One funny mail about Mr. HR – The Singer


After spending many sleepless nights at the Central Prison for Music freaks and making fellow prisoners go through uneasy times by making them listen to the irritating Himesh sounds the other prisoners staged a protest here today. Himesh Reshammiya was earlier arrested and awarded a death sentence by a local court. All the prisoners have demanded that Himesh Reshammiya be moved to a sound proof cell. In the meanwhile Himesh refused to comment on the issue and claimed he had to practice and since he was refused bail there was no other way. In the mean while the President has rejected Himesh Reshammiya’s mercy plea today. Himesh’s lawyer sent a mercy request to the President that Himesh be left with a small penalty on the condition that he won’t sing too much.

Apparently the President was supposed to approve the mercy plea today. But it appears that he tuned into his television set last night and heard Himesh Reshammiya’s name on the credits for composition for two more new movies. The President got annoyed instantly and demanded that Himesh’s songs be banned since they posed a higher threat to the
nation than the current reservations issue. The President however laid down certain alternatives to a death sentence for Himesh Reshammiya considering the fact that Himesh was in a depressed state and might voice some disgusting sad music in prison.

The President suggested the following alternatives:

++ Himesh could be sent to Andaman & Nicobar islands. The tribal population can find Himesh as a good inspiration for crappy music.

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