About Dropping lessons on Nehru from school books, Congress and Nehru

MP govt. dropped a poem on former Prime Minister – Jawaharlal Nehru. And congress has started protesting against it.

This is the same congress which dint think about its former leaders while going for reservation for OBCs. Nehru was the person, who once said that –

Help should be given on economic considerations and not on caste… I dislike any kind of reservation, more particularly in service. I react strongly against anything which leads to inefficiency and second-rate standards. I want my country to be a first class country in everything.

So when Congress dint care about his concerns, does it possess any right to do agitation for him?

Here is the news –

After removing nursery rhymes from the school syllabus, the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh has dropped a poem on Jawaharlal Nehru and his memoirs on his wife Kamla Nehru from the textbooks.
The move has evoked a strong protest from Congress, which has threatened statewide agitation against it.

Though the poem ‘Chacha Nehru mujhe bana do’ was dropped from Standard I book, Nehru’s memoirs were replaced by another of his writings Vaseeyat in Standard VII textbook, state school Education Minister Narottam Mishra told PTI.

Similarly, a portion of letters written by Nehru to Indira Gandhi ‘Pita ki chitthi beti ke naam“, were included in the course material of Standard IV, he said.

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