No more support for Win 98/ME

All those who think that they wud like to stick with their older Window OSs and wont like to go for any upgrade of entire OS, here is a bad news – MS has announced that it will no longer continue providing support for these Windows 98 and Windows ME after July 11, 2006.

I have been mentioning that technology is evolving like anything and now here is another fact – the technology is ageing very fastly. It was just matter of 6 years when I had started my grad with Windows 98 installed. I never opted for Win ME, after one take with it, bcoz I realized very soon that it sucks. Continued with Win 98 – mah first love, and started keeping it as secondary option with latest OS as the primary one like Win 2K, Win XP plus sometimes Linux – Win 98 was always there bcoz there are things which you cant do on any other OS, specially later versions of MS which were mainly focused on 32 bits!

And another decision followed from above announcement is, Mozilla Corp. has decided to stop support for Win 98/ME with its release of FFox 3.0 scheduled sometime in 2007.

Mozilla developer Gervase Markham wrote on his blog, “The key point is that after July 11th, 2006, Microsoft will no longer be providing even critical security updates for any of the Win 9x family,”

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