XBOX coming to India

Will hit Indian market around last quarter of this year as is announced.

A good news for gamers but for those true hard core gamerz, it will not be a news – they might already be having it or by now, they wud have start waiting for PS3 launch and wont like to go for it.

Hey, I came to know that Ashish Ujjwal was All-India 2nd rank holder in Quake III and I came to know dis just after he left CE. Otherwise had been playing with him while learning few more things – Teji was admiring his play skills like anything. Sheh, I missed it.
XBOX is coming bcoz of recent economic boom in India.

Here is the news –

Microsoft plans to launch its Xbox 360 gaming console in India, where an economic boom has boosted incomes and spurred spending

The U.S. software firm aims to hit the market before the Indian festival of lights, or Diwali, when many companies pay annual bonuses to workers. This year, festival falls on Oct. 21. (what a strategy)

“We will be in India before our competition has launched in any other market,” he said, referring to rival video game industry leader Sony’s planned debut in the United States of its PlayStation 3 in November.

Microsoft hopes to offer the Xbox 360 console, its controller and one game for about $439 (19,990 rupees). In the United States, it sells the Xbox 360 and a controller for $299 to $399, while a game costs another $50 to $60.

“It is estimated there are 1.6 million gamers in India who spend at least two hours playing everyday,” said Mohit Anand, country manager at Microsoft’s India entertainment and devices division. “The market, which is coming off a small base, is rapidly increasing as the population is young and tech-savvy.”

It declined give sales forecasts for India, but said global Xbox 360 sales were expected to reach 5 million to 5.5 million units by June. The game console was released last November.

Microsoft said that it has no plans to set up a gaming development center in India but that it will work with third-party game developers.

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