What a big deal?

How much does it take to have your home @ web – I have been surfing for about 6 years but never came across such subject/question until I found the answer myself.

To me, it took 3 years…more precisely 4.78 years (including nights-outs), 2 really BIG failed attempts and last continuous 9.5 hours (which included formatting Blog entries for 3 hours at stretch and then deleting them, later to find out that republishing blogger blog removed the hassles)!

Going to watch TV to enjoy last match of today – Poland Vs Ecuador

Today I realized, once again – programming is poetry!

Want to have World cup schedule and wallchart and a calendar schedule for your outlook so that you dont miss any match while busy in programming?

Here they are –

Schedule – FootBallWorldCup2006.pdf
Wallchart – FIFAWorldCup.zip
Calendar – http://www.mapilab.com/files/downloads/WorldCup2006-EN.ics(right click -> save link as)

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