PUP going places

On Sunday, when I & Chinky were taking Air Cooler and other stuff from ND to GGN, I saw a car moving ahead of ours on which few lins attractead my attention –


Punjabi University


A smile ran over my face as I read those lines about my Alma Mater and I liked the way they were written on a car running on roads of capital ;). The car number was HR 05 J 1897 as far as I remember – so it belonged to…I asked my cab driver but he didnt know the code belonged to which city. After searching over net, I think it belongs to Ambala city bcoz there is no official info about it available from govt…donno how long will it take for our complete system to come online. Here is the website of HRY govt – http://haryana.gov.in/ but I cudnt find appropriate link to get info I needed although there were link for Tourism and different cities.

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