Games and Work

I always favor that games sud be an integrated part of work in IT companies where employees can get refreshed for some time, after they start feeling bored for working long hours. And here at CE, I am balancing my work life in same way. I work, I play, then I work and then again, some play. My favorites here are Table Tennis & Quake III.

I am playing TT evday on 2nd floor here @ CE after lunch as I feel better playing it at that time in afternoon.

Then when again I start feeling weary, I ping Tejinder – the only other guy who gives me good fight in Quake III here.

When I had started work @ Infy, I had never thought that there I will ever find any hardcore gamers among monotonus coders. I dont defy that I am not but I am also a chronic gamer plus IT evangelist.

But my this thinking was later proved to be wrong by a small brand of other people like –

1. Ansylem Joseph @ Infy who was other lover of Quake III out there and I had some good games with him but we cudnt find 3rd one to accompany our this hobby/passion (although we lived at two opposite corners in company) and it ended there only. I am missing you Ansylem.

2. Then at CE, I never dreamed if I wud ever be able to find sumone here as there was only one among in 15K, and here among 2K…almost impossible and then one day, I saw Tejinder playing Quake III. He used to play with Ashish Ujjwal – OAO TL who has just left and just at the time, he neeeded an opponent, I found him. And now we play it whenever we feel exhausted – and in my view, if you are a unwavering coder, then Quake III is the one for you, if you love games and feel bored at times from work.

I like to play among bunch of players which can be bots or players around me but there sud be at least 7-8 players in game whereas Teji resist on having real players only and minimum bots.

Here, sometime, we find company of Nitesh Gupta (yes, my square šŸ™‚ – we share our First Name as well as Initials – N.G.). He is improving a lot but he has worse problem than Teji – he resist on playing with only real players and most of the times, we end up having only 2 players in map/game – I & Nitesh.

Still waiting for others at CE to get into the game.

Cummon Guys, I am waiting 4 u!!! šŸ˜‰

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