Adieu Bonds

It was farewell party to two old studs here at CE – Vivek Pandey who was leading FT team and Ashish Ujjwal who lead OAO team and one QA member – Dilpreet Kang about whom, I donno much but she was also a veteran member out here. The 2 guys have served the org for about 2 years and have a big contribution to make the org reach where it is now. It was bad to see them going at such an early stage of my joining otherwise I cud had gotten chance to learn few things from them.

Whole CE team was there at TGIF. There was a round for freshers (Deepak Verma, Ashish Jha and Neeru Hasija) to tell about most embarrassing moment of your life. And there was a special comment passed by Sachi who is TL of Neeru that since Neeru has been recruited for night shift work @ QA, lot of requests are coming to work in night shift…no no I am not among them 🙂

There was another round for those who were leaving, to tell about one most embarrassing and one most memorable moment at CE. First Dilpreet, then Vivek and in the lastt, Ashish spoke. Ashish had lot of them to speak about and it was interesting to listen him.

All had toast and then it was fun n food time 😉

It was nice to have a get together on Friday and I wish for the same on every Friday 🙂

Both Ashish and Vivek are going to same place.

Best wishes for their endeavours!

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