WHO’s gaucherie

The standards which were followed by doctors all over the world on WHO’s recommendations for Paediatric Growth Chart to advise mothers about their baby’s ideal weight are found to be erroneous. What a BLUNDER…isn it???

WHO has released new Child Growth Standards yesterday.

And this time, it has been taken care of to the extreme.

WHO’s gaffe left whole Gen obese

For the last 40 years, doctors across the globe depended on WHO’s paediatric growth chart (PGC) to advise mothers about their baby’s ideal weight.

Now, it is found to be grossly defective.

WHO has admitted to have given potentially harmful advice on infant nutrition to breast-feeding mothers.

Due to the faulty chart, mothers were wrongly told their babies were underweight. This led to overfeeding of newborns, making them obese and prone to heart diseases in later life.

To rectify this, WHO on Thursday released the new child growth standards.

The new chart is based on data from breast-fed babies. It was decided following a 15-year study involving more than 8,000 children from six nations, including India. The new chart says a one-year-old boy should weigh between 7.7 kg and 12 kg. The old chart said the weight should be between 8.1 kg and 12.4 kg. A oneyear-old girl’s weight should be 7-11.5 kg against 7.4 to 11.6 kg of the old chart.

Dr Mercedes De Onis, who finalised the chart said: “We measured every child 21 times to finally reach a perfect standard.”

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