Online services – I m using

I was thinking that gradually I have started using so many online services/products and I cud never realize that.

I use many services of Google which include

Google Calendar

Google Page Creator

Google Reader

and Blogger

Also I have configured Yahoo! 360 and using all of its fetures including maintaining a private blog out there.

I have tried the gadgets of Google and Yahoo but I cudnt find them much useful without Vista.

These are the services which I use regularily. Also there are many others, which I have been testing for long time like Goowy, Picasa and Hello.

Inet is evolving and it has grown like anything in last one year when since the feature, flexibility, space and look competition has started between major web service providers.

And I forgot to tell about Windows Live!

This is the real evolution of Web…a step towards Web 2.0.

2 thoughts on “Online services – I m using”

  1. Hi there, I found you from Catch My Blog…

    Good post! I feel kind of overwhelmed by technology at times though, and the pace at which all this is proceeding. Technology seems to spring up faster than we can use them! 😛 There are pros and cons to that. The cons I guess are feeling overloaded and left behind. I wonder how the older folks who’re not so into technology cope with so much change. My mum just recently learned how to e-mail! 😛

  2. I agree with you that it is quite difficult to keep stride with speedly progress of tech. but if you want to boast about being in IT industry, this is the least to be done and once you are on the track, it becomes obligation to make others be with you on the same.

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