One good thing about Himesh’s album

I liked the model in the song – Naam Hai Tera song sung by Himesh – the only thing I liked in this album otherwise I feel his voice irritating.

The name of model is Deepika Padukone and she has done Liril and Close-Up ads in past. She is daughter of former All England Bandminton champion – Prakash Padukone. Now she is also going to act in a Kannada movie. Like all other actresses, following the tradition, she has also given a statement that she wud refrain from exposing.

I got this funny mail about Reshammiya songs –

According to a worldwide research carried out by
leading scientist, it has been found that Himesh
Reshammiya’s nasal voice embedded sounds mimic that of
the mosquitoes. Hence any mosquitto hearing the song
feels as if there are many more in the vicinity and
flys away to avoid competition. Thus it can be
effectively used as a mosquito repellent. And whats
more! it doubles its usage as a human repellent
too!… So guys, next time when you have trouble with
mosquitoes/ unwanted folks..try playing “Tera Tera
full volume…. And do let me know if it works!

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