Business it like Google

The business startegy of Google is unique and it has emerged as a winner although the ideas are quite unique and some of them are seeing downside also but still, Google is the buzword of today. Be it 2 GB Mail, google pages, videos, finance, Calndar, Labs or of course Blogger. Many calls it as Yahoo! 2.0 but I dont agree. there are many things that I see which are adopted by Yahoo! from Google like Mail Search.

Here goes te $oo$le news –

Google’s push for business

Google has a lot to offer a business. The bread and butter of their B2B offerings would have to be the Google search appliances, in full and mini configurations. But with all this talk about a Google-born WebOS, what if we’re looking in the wrong direction?

Google’s beta products, too numerous to list here, make the beginnings of a powerful business suite. Google Base? Maybe there’s something useful in there… But look at how Gmail and Google’s Calendar app have begun working together. Using Google Pages, a busy secretary can easily make a web page. Or Blogger could allow a team to establish a quick way to share topical conversations.
Google’s push for business

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