India beat pakistan – Series Levelled

India beaten Pak yesterday by 51 runs with the superb batting of Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag & M S Dhoni and firing bowling of Irfan Pathan and Powar to level the DLF cup series 1-1 at ABU DHABI.

First it was spectacular opening of 138 runs by Sehwag (73) and Man of the match Dravid (92) which proved to be vital for rest of the Indian inning. Then there was nice support by Dhoni and Yuvraj. In last 10 overs, only 59 runs cud be collected. Ground is pretty big and wicket is too slow out there and obove that, the hot weather with temperature around 50 oC. There were only 2 sixes in each inning of match. Dhoni cudnt make even single six in 2 matches. I was expecting score to be somewhere around 300 or above but it cud reach only 269/5.

The Pak opening was jolted by Pathan’s 2 wicket haul in successive overs. Yuvraj took a very difficult catch of Shoaib Malik and another one was taken by Raina of Mohammad Yousuf. Inzy tried for long time to keep the hope for win alive but was run out (as most of the times) by Dravid concluding fall of 9th wicket. Match was really great.

At about 2300, I got sms from Dhiraj to update the score as electricity had gone at his place. It feels so excited to update someone in such situations :). Electricity went out for about an hour at our place also. It was nice weather outside so I & Chunky sat in balkony for some time. But it wont be like that always when electricity wont be there so we have started bringing inverter/battery as power backup here at home. Chunky will be talking to land-lady today in this regard otherwise we will got for buying it on this weekend as start of summer and electricity cuts, both, have been identified!

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