Almost all of us know this character of famous tv series FRIENDS and might be favorite character of many of you. Well, I just wanted to tell that I have enjoyed company of this character for 4 years and I am thankful to that person who almost resembles this character – Akhil Bhan. He is so similar to Ross like forgetting things, nervous & confused, very sensitive to physical injuries, always lost and too good at pronouncing typical english words.

He is the person with whom you will never feel bored or sad becoz he keeps you happy from his one or other stupid/funny activities. I have been lucky to be in company of this person for long time as his friend, room-mate, partner (specially in assignments as our roll numbers were consecutives) and I have enjoyed his uniques features, very much.

I wanted to thank Akhil for all this. I appologize if I have said something wrong about him but for me they are more like his personality traits than his weakness or anything else.

I wished to be with him for more time and to work together.

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