Hidden charges in online irctc ticket booking

I booked my tickets for home from Delhi on http://www.irctc.co.in for first time as this service has just been started where you can book tickets online for any train.
And despite charging you Rs. 25 extra as transaction charges, it also charges Rs. 11 from the bank used to book ticket. That amount is then cut from your account by the bank. I had to cancel my ticket of Thursday, April 13 and I has to book it again for Friday, April 14 because of our team party.

And when you cancel a ticket, Rs. 40 are again cut from your account as cancellation charges. And again, as money is sent back to your bank account, bank (and indirectly you) is charged Rs. 11.

So for booking, you have to pay Rs. 36 extra and for cancellation, you have to get away by paying Rs. 51. For a complete round from booking to cancellation, you have to shred total of Rs. 87 and that Rs. 11 funda is mentioned nowhere when I tried to search for it over the website.

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  1. for me too the same thing,. this is what my bank gives in the account statement for that 11 rupee charges. happily, i didnt have to cancel my ticket.

    IRCTC CHGS 11/3/2007

  2. Thanks for this – I was wondering what those charges were – they should really mention this while paying. What they’re charging now is ludicrous – considering we are actually helping them in the process too (they save on manpower and time!). So its Rs. 36 to book a ticket, not Rs. 25!

  3. I have booked and cancelled no of tickets and never bank charges are levied while getting refunds

    please check with your banker or write to IRCTC with scanned copy of your account

    Bank charges are very well mentioned on site at no of places

  4. They should do a better job at disclosing the Net Backing Charge by putting it on the page where they preset the user with payment options, rather than mentioning it in the terms and conditions page.

    Recently I tried to book tickets and everytime I attempted to make the payment, the amount would get deducted from my back account but I would get the “Service Unavailable” error when my browser would return to the IRCTC site after making the payment. It ended up that by the time I successfully got a ticket, the ticket had already got into waiting list.

    When I called up the customer support and calmly explained to her the situation, I was surprised that the support rep started shouting at me and got very rude and hung up on me. Well, I wasn’t worried about the multiple debits from my account, as IRCTC normally refunds those transaction back in a couple of days, but what I was worried about is that I lost my chance of getting a confirmed ticket when the fault was entirely theirs. They seriously need to increase their web server capacity considering the fact that they are literally pounded by millions of people at 8:00am everyday.

    Moiz Tankiwala

  5. I guess this is not applicable for SBI online banking.

    i have booked many ticket thru SBI online banking but IRCTC never deducted 11 (apprat from 25 Rs)..

    but this is true in case of ICICI.

  6. Hey nowadays irctc is charging Rs 20 (25 formerly) as service charge and if you pay via Netbanking, the bank charges you Rs 10 (11 formerly)..

  7. Banks charge additional for using their gateway. While ICICI charged 1.8% of the ticket value, banks vary this percentage. The important fact is this is not mentioned anywhere in the site & the ICICI customer care guy sweared that it was IRCTC charging this extra amt. On some rigrous googling got the below:
    Scroll down to the last point – What is the mode of Payment?

  8. Though m not in favour of all these hidden charges they should specifially mention and publish but want people to go to the link at the payment page “Transaction charges ” just above the fields where you will put the bank details.
    So before doing any txn digout the actual cost what the bank (credit card/debit/coupons etc ) will charege

  9. Actually I found the reason of this deduction. Whenever you would book the tickets through net banking gateway they will charge you rs 11 extra and the amount is get deducted after few days from your account. So guys in future use pay by debit card option and you would save your rs. 11..:)

  10. Our Banks have lost ethical banking. Every one of us should think of earning through hard work with ethics. NEFT Charges are Rs.6/- upto 10000/- Then why these Banks are charging 11.26 and also advise the customers to use INTERNT/MOBILE banking.

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