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Here is a message that I got about faking going on So, better you first go through the terms and conditions of this website.


This is to make people aware of the cheating which is going on behind the
These people are simply making assumptions and booking the flights with their choice instead of what they are told to book by us.

I want to share an incident with you all so that you can save yourself from these cheaters and discard their practices in future.

I searched for a flight on their site for Bangaloreto New Delhifor 29th April, 2006, and I could find the following flight, which suited me well. And as we can see it says 3699 Rs INR (excluding tax).

Departing Flight Rs.3699

Picture (Metafile)

Air Sahara122
Boeing 737-800

2.40 hrs

Bangalore(BLR)Sat 29 Apr

Delhi(DEL)Sat 29 Apr

I booked the same via credit card and then I got a mail from these people for the confirmed booking.

This is as following:

Dear ,
Thank you for booking your travel with – we value your business. Kindly take a moment to review your itinerary and booking details given below:

1. Name/Above 12-AVML

S2-122BangaloreNew Delhi29 Apr, 7:30:AM29 Apr, 10:10:AM

28 Mar, 2006 INR 4944
29 Apr, 2006 INR 4944
MMT-D60570 INR 0
Credit Card

As you can see, the above details say that the flight is booked for Rs. 4944
It did not ask me before booking and directly booked the tickets. Then I called at the toll free number mentioned on their site and asked why it booked for the 4944 Rs though I clicked for the ticket of Rs 3699+tax .They said it our policy and at the time of booking the Economy class ticket was not available so WE had to book your ticket for the M (the next upper class).They without asking anything (no pop-up message or warning), upgraded to the upper class.

Then I called them again and asked to cancel the same ticket and they told that they will charge 750 Rs (500 for Sahara and 250 for their site) for this, I told them that it’s the fault of your site and that’s the reason I want to cancel this one and at least I am not eligible for paying this 250 Rs. The person told thatyou agreed to our terms and conditions and said ok ,so now I cant help you on this and Sorry you will have to do like this only.

So from now onward please be alert from get cheated by these people and we should discourage these people from cheating us so honestly.

Written in good spirit.

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  1. Hi,

    I am also one of the victim of called them to cancel my ticket.They didnt even cancelled the ticket and saying they didnt recevied any call for cancellation.And they didnt return my money $1000–40,000 INR. is obsolutely cheating site and their r not at all responsible people.

    Please think before using

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