My Net Value

Search for your name on internet and see on how many different websites, your name (only your not of anyone else with same name) is listed. The total distinct relevant results is what I call, your net value.

I searched for my name – “Nitesh Gautam” over Google and my net value for it came as 11.

There were 7 results for other people with same name “Nitesh Gautam”. There are about 3 other “Nitesh Gautam”s having their presence on net.

And what you say about netgautam? It gave results only for me. I call it pure result.
In this case also, my net value is 11. Total results for netgautam were 91.

Well, it will be pretty difficult for one having common name and having many presences over net like Bill Gates. There can be 100s of multiple Bill Gates and at least 80% of them will have presence over net. And if one Bill Gates (say, not one CEO of MS) starts filtering results for himself, he can’t. So it is also a kind of property of your name if you get relevant results for your name like me :).

I tried searching for few of my batch-mates whose name, I think, are unique and it was confirmed when search results came. Kirtsheel – 1 result over our university website – placed in Wipro (I also wanted to be on the list but Infy hadn’t come to our campus 🙁 ).

“Anand Mohan Kansal” yielded 1 result.

You can try for yourself – All the best.

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