How? Dedicated to someone’s memories

How to forget yesterday?
The grim pains of yesterday
Dreams that ended up as rue …
How to forget them? How to accept them as true?

Like heavy downpour the tears begin to fall
As I look at my reflection in the mirror
The eyes looking back at me make me feel small
And all I ask is my God, how long is this going to last?

How to stop these thoughts of mine?
How to stop discovering the things I find?
How to hold onto my affections true?
O! Will I someday, somewhere see myself through ??

Its said that the one who doesnt quit,
And the one who doesnt complain;
Is the wise one who knows what life is all about,
But, how to acquire the wit to know when to accept & when to doubt?

I found a road in the woods that lay its arms outstretched for me,
But, how do I take this road when my destination is unknown to me ?
I found a boat in the sea that would take me to different shores,
But, how do I set sail in this boat when it is without oars ??

For Once –
I want someone to look into my eyes,
And convince me that –
what I am now witnessing is far from lies.

For Once –
I want someone to dwell in my silence,
And assure me that –
It was all a bad dream that has ended and now its morn twilight!!

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