3 years to TechDisha 2003

TechDisha 2003 – the first ever technical fest conducted by DCSE, Punjabi University, Patiala.

It was our batch who had taken this initiative. And before that, we went through proper training schedule and also had a visit to IITK techkriti fest.

It was organized from April 17, 2003 till April 19, 2003 – a 3 day fest in which engineering colleges from all over the Punjab had participated and what was not there in this fest – technical debates, software project competitions, websites, hardwares, educational presentations, technical papers, robot competitions, and of course a BIG fun section which included night cricket and other games – evthing was included which came into ones mind. Night cricket had become star event of this fest. And this initiative didnt look like an initiative at all but a well managed event by experienced group of people. We had received full cooperation from our faculty and mates. It was team of about 20-25 people which had organized this big fest. I still remember some of the memorable moments of that fest.

– We had opening ceremony and we had to go to homes of professors all over the univ. to invite them and most of us were reluctant to one or other group of professors. So the invitation groups were created very carefully.

– I & Rathore had gone to homes of Mr. Lehal and Mr. Bahri which were my fav. although not of many!

– Texas and Kansal, the key management ppl behind this, had very hard time to get sponsorships.

– I (Nitesh Gautam), Gurinder and Praveen worked as 3 men army to manage whole s/w section. I am still thankful to two for being so helpful when I was out to complete other responsibilities either as s/w team lead or as another participant in robot competition.

– Rathore’s beautiful idea was liked very much when he created a unique logo using 16 charts (in 4×4 dimensions). I will try to post that logo some time I got it.
– I & Rathore made robot with great help from Prof. Dhillon and it felt so nice when it was presented in robot fight – we stood 2nd in that competition.

– KD was back from placement work on 2nd day of TD and right at that time, he got busy in accounting work.

– I slept for minimum hours in any 3 consecutive days of my life.

– That brainy quiz master (I forgot the name) – I still admire his presence of mind.

– That first time dance in inauguration function (on Hum Bhi Hain Josh Mein…Sailare Sailaru of movie Josh)

– Those TechDisha 2003 T-Shirts were given to all coordinators. I still have mine with me and I wear it sometimes. Gurinder also used to wear it in Bangalore and sometimes we both found each other wearing it at same time 🙂 at that place far away from our college.

– The most memorable as well as disappointing/unfortunate/unlucky/disheartening, whatever, memory of this fest is that we got lost in this all so much that we forgot to capture all these memorable moments. Yes, we forgot to have a camera-man with us and no one cared to take snaps. We dont have even a single snap of any event of this fest. There are no traces left of this techfest. Even if you search net for TechDisha, you wont get any result for TechDisha 2003 but for TechDisha 2004 which was organized by our juniors.

And there was plan for a farewell party which never happened.

Overall, it was first really BIG project of its kind handeled by us.

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