Some more about reservation

I went thro’ this excellent article written by a graduate from IIM Bangalore and now currently working with HSBC, Investment Banking in London.

He is discussing about those who will gain and loss from this thing. Writer has clearly pointed out the loosers will include candidates of particular castes and our society. The ultimate winner will be the UPA govt. but that too for some time.

You can read complete article here –

I am listing the conclusions and suggestions of this article.

Reservation quota: Who gains? Who loses?

Conclusion: A policy which has adverse impact on all the major stakeholders, being forced through to gain some votes by the our central government. On this auspicious occasion of Ram navmi, I just hope that Ishwar provides some intelligence to our political leaders!

Alternative suggestion: If the development of the backward class is the real agenda of the government, which in my view is a legitimate concern, I suggest starting a new program for them. It can be say, 1 year pre program training for them or, may be a different program of longer length than the normal one. But all of these will be short term measures, the real need is to tackle the problem from where it originates, right at the primary educational level, i.e. ensuring that all the children of this nation irrespective of caste or religion getting high quality education from their childhood!

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