Indian Cricket Team’s record

So now our cricket team hold record of maximum consecutive chases after beating England yesterday.
Other teams like Australia believe in batting first, setting big trgets and then bowling down other time on small score where as struggling teams (as I think) like South Africa and India always try to chase whatever target is given to them.

And it is not only about cricket but about basic nature of our nation. Take example of the fastest growing sector of our country which also generates the max. revenues for country – IT. Is there anything like development going on in our desi IT companies? No. They all are service providers. They provide their services to other firms like Telstra and giants like IBM on their existing infrastructures and using already developed products/languages like J2EE/C++/TIBCO. Has any ever thought of developing their own world class product…may be someone wud have thought but it cud never happen. Thats is the bitter truth. We work like servants and we have forgotten to work like target setters.

Well, here is the laest cricket news –

Under normal circumstances, chasing someone or something is widely considered a wrong thing to do, even in cricket.

Not so with India, who now hold the record for most consecutive victories while battuing second with their fifteenth on the trot.

This current Indian team, it seems, thrives on the pressure and challenge of running down a score. They have mastered the art of pursuit.

Starting with the home series against Sri Lanka last year, India have won 16 out of their 20 games. A very impressive record indeed. But what’s actually astonishing is that 13 of those victories came when they batted second.

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